5 Best Holiday Gifts for College Students Living in Dorms

Every year it seems like it gets earlier and earlier that we start thinking about the holidays. There used to be a time when all we could think of was Black Friday specials but even then, the bargains you can find are sporadic and often not for the things you really want to give special people in your life. This year, you may be looking for gifts for your college-age students who are away, living in dorms. Here are some of the best holiday gifts you can find for your kids living away from home.

1. Mini Refrigerators

There is nothing quite like being able to come home to a cold drink and a quick sandwich after a day of classes and other activities that are part of the average day on campus. Cafeteria food isn’t all that popular and it isn’t quite cost-effective to eat out all the time. If your son or daughter is living on campus, you might consider buying a dorm-size mini refrigerator for them this holiday season.

2. Windows Laptop

While Apple makes a variety of laptops, most documents in colleges today are in Microsoft docx format. The Windows OS is not only perfect for creating and editing documents, but they also make laptops suitable for gaming as well. What college kid doesn’t like to game online in their spare time? You can choose from a wide assortment of Windows Gaming Lenovo Laptops that have sufficient memory to work with graphics, streaming media and other applications that take a fast CPU and sufficient RAM. In fact, a gaming laptop is the best choice exactly for those reasons.

3. Multifunction Printer

You may also consider buying a multifunction printer that is Wi-Fi enabled. This way your college student can print remotely from the library if they need a hard copy of what they’ve been working on. Whether they need to print hardcopy documents to turn in to professors or are about to begin writing a senior thesis, they will need a good printer accessible from their mobile phone, laptop or any other device that has wireless connectivity.

4. Bedding

Now, onto more ‘practical’ everyday things. Your son or daughter may have a bed in their dorm room but what of bedding? You can always get a bed-in-a-bag that comes with everything from sheets and pillowcases to comforters and pillow shams. A second set of sheets would be nice too because you can almost always bet that laundry isn’t at the top a college student’s to-do list.

5. Gas Card

Most college students today have a vehicle of some sort, especially if living away from home in a dorm. One thing you might consider is giving them a gas card, pre-loaded with a certain dollar amount. The card would be automatically loaded at the beginning of each month with a set amount. Yes, most college students do try to work part time but with the rising price of fuel today, that extra money would certainly be appreciated.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started with your holiday shopping this year. Why wait until Black Friday when you can find great deals today without stressing at the last minute over gifts you think they’d appreciate. Take the stress out of the holidays so that you, and your kids, can experience the true joy of the season. Shop now and enjoy later.

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