Discover the Perfect Balance of South American Mushroom

Finding the best magic mushroom to experience the best trip can be overwhelming for first-time users. Of course, they would want to get the best out of it and enjoy every moment. However,

all magic mushrooms have a wonderful trip when appropriately used, yet not all are for beginners.

South American magic mushroom is the perfect balanced strain that both beginners and veterans will keep coming back for more. It’s a mild introductory experience for beginners and, at the same time, a chill and calm experience for regulars.

History of South American Psilocybe Cubensis

Legend has it that the South American mushroom strain originates from Venezuela. It is an idolized strain due to its balanced effects on users and excellent experience.

The detailed history of this strain is not one that we can decipher. It starts with the company Spore Chicks. However, it is now sure if the company sold their product as a South American strain or if they were the ones who discovered them.

The company disappeared then, so there is no chance of clearing that out. But the strain remains, and they provide fantastic experiences to many users.

Why is South American Mushroom the Best All-Around Mushroom?

It is considered the best all-around shroom for two reasons. First, it gives an exceptionally intriguing high experience and an equal effect on both body and mind.

Beginners can get the exact amount of high they need to work with their experience. Meanwhile, expert users can enjoy a mild effect for some chill time with friends. This well-balanced shroom can give the right trip for anyone.

The mind and body high effects give the shroom a reputation that made it a user’s favourite. Even though the potency isn’t high, the result is still incredibly unforgettable.

Effects of South American Shroom

Its euphoric effect (body-mind high) gives a weightless feel. In addition, there is a great sense of interconnectedness between everyone and nature.

Some users can experience a balanced spiritual high with visual hallucinations from different outlines to colours. It will seem like the things around are moving and breathing.


South American mushroom is not highly potent, but the strain is perfect for having an exceptional trip. In addition, the low potency can make it easy for first-time users to weigh the dose they want.

Users will get a deep connection with people and their surroundings and visuals characterized as soft and breathing. However, the intensity is not extremely high, which can cause beginners to panic.

However, despite its mild hallucinations and effects, it is still best not to drive or manage heavy machines when under the influence of any substance.


You can, however, reach a spiritual trip with this strain. Users can increase their doses to the amount that will work best for them. It is good to know that beginners should not try the spiritual psychedelic effect, as it can usually give them a bad experience.

Even though it’s your nth time using shrooms, preparation before the trip is essential. It will help you get your head straight and focus on your experience rather than panicking.

Spiritual trips are often life-changing. Anyone who tried a spiritual dose and ended up with a good journey expressed how profound it was. Usually, this effect lasts for weeks.

But, not everyone will have an epiphany. Some can get trapped in a dark and unwinding journey that will make them anxious. Therefore, preparation is the key to avoiding such unwanted experiences.

Timothy Leary, in the 1950s, said that there are two factors to consider before going on a spiritual trip – set and setting. Set is the mental or internal state of a person. Meanwhile, the Setting is the physical surrounding where the journey will occur.

When you have conditioned your mindset to what you are about to do, you let go of all that can control you. So when you start to trip, you can manage to go with the flow.

Choosing the surrounding will contribute to how you condition yourself. That’s why selecting a comfortable and familiar space is crucial.


Since South American mushrooms are not potent, weighing the dose won’t be much problem. It will be easy for beginners to start their deep and warming experience with gentle inner peace.

  • .25 grams (threshold dose)
  • .25 to 1 gram (a light dose)
  • 1 to 2.5 grams (medium dose)
  • 5 to 5 grams (strong dose)
  • More than 5 grams (extreme dose)

While this dosage guide of dried mushrooms may be helpful, users should find what works for them. Beginners must always start by taking threshold doses and building up the amount needed.

What are the Benefits of Magic Mushrooms?

All magic mushrooms show some promising benefits to users. But using a shroom with a balancing effect will give a better result. It can treat mental illnesses like anxiety, addiction, depression, etc.

However, some patients with other mental disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar, etc., should be cautious when taking psychedelic drugs. Although there are studies to prove the effect of psychedelics like magic mushrooms, it is still crucial to take them with precaution.


If you are looking to get high but don’t want to make it too over-the-top, South American magic mushroom is the best choice. It gives an equal body and mind-high that welcomes a peaceful experience. Beginners will keep wanting more, and regular users can enjoy a well-balanced mushroom effect.

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