Does CBD Cure or Diseases or Soothe Symptoms?

CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, is a product with medicinal properties extracted from industrial hemp. Many of the main chemicals in cannabis are cannabinoids. CBD oil is preferred and widely applicable because it does not contain THC, the compound from the cannabis plant that causes the feeling of being “high.” 

CBD oil is completely clear of that kind of effect. You can find high-quality hemp oil at Botanicam. If you want to learn more about hemp oil and its soothing properties, keep reading this article. 

What Do Studies Say about Using CBD to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis?

The first controlled trial that investigated the use of CBD for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis was conducted in 2006. The researchers came to conclusion that after five weeks of using the drug. A product (Sativex) on the basis of hemp, the inflammation decreases, and the pain subsides significantly. Study participants also reported improvement in sleep, with almost no side effects reported. 

In 2008, another study on the application of CBD oil in the treatment of chronic pain reached a similar conclusion – CBD oil reduced pain and improved sleep without any “negative” side effects.

In 2016, another study included using CBD gel on mice. Again, researchers found that CBD gel reduced pain and inflammation in the joints without any signs of side effects.

These results and other studies conducted are very encouraging, but, unfortunately, the current studies are relatively few. More research is needed, especially involving large numbers of people and not just animals, to fully understand the effect of CBD oil and other cannabis-based treatments on rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD affects brain activity, but not in the way that the other active ingredient in cannabis, THC, does. CBD interacts with the two receptors, called CB 1 and CB 2, in two main directions – reducing pain and having an effect on inflammation.

CBD also plays a role in your immune system. When applying CBD oil treatment, this attack is drastically reduced in strength. CBD oil interacts beneficially and works with your immune system to bring it back into balance. It is this relationship with the immune system that may explain why CBD seems to work well for rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that involves your immune system attacking your joint tissues.

Additionally, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may help slow the progression of rheumatoid arthritis, which in turn causes permanent joint damage over time. These effects can also reduce and influence several other inflammations leading to fever.

Hemp Oil and Science

Recently, scientific researchers have begun focusing on the effects of applying CBD oil on various conditions with accompanying severe pain, including rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic pains. As the results achieved so far are encouraging and promising.

In addition, we will mention that in 2018 the World Health Organization issued a special report. In it, the WHO believes that cannabidiol may have therapeutic benefits for over 17 conditions (including cancer). In the past years the UN has also actively dealt with the topic and the effects of this part of the plant. 

How to use CBD?

The most popular and effective method of ingesting CBD oil is in oil form. You can find high quality CBD products at Botanicam. When choosing CBD oil, make sure it is from a reputable manufacturer like them and that the package contains a full list of its ingredients. You can also use CBD oil topically on certain parts of your body.


Research shows that using CBD oil to treat rheumatoid arthritis in humans has been quite promising and positive. Did you know: In the US alone, over 90 million Americans have used or continue to use CBD in various forms in the past two years. 

If the traditional medicines you have used so far do not give the desired result, maybe it is time to try natural products, gaining more and more popularity worldwide. Of course, we cannot say that CBD can heal you and cure incurable diseases. It can help you lead a normal life, regardless of your conditions, by reducing the pain and other symptoms associated with many chronic conditions. 

The good news: Researchers continue their exploration of CBD and all of its benefits for the human body. Its popularity continues to grow among people with serious conditions. The soothing properties and its various applications make CBD oil in all of its forms – a popular remedy all over the world, today. From women with severe cramps to people with arthritis, CBD has been thought to soothe many different pains. Ailments with CBD have become highly popular across the US and Europe. You can find excellent quality products with CBD at Botanicam. Make sure you purchase from reputable manufacturers when deciding to try this substance.

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