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How To Recycle Your Mattress: A Few Effective Tips

There are many different ways to recycle your mattress. The metal springs and frames can be reused in other products. By recycling your mattress, you’ll be doing a service for humanity and preventing a future burden on future generations. Plus, people always need furniture in reasonable condition. That means you can even make some money by reselling it. Here’s how! Continue reading to learn about the different ways to recycle your mattress.

Materials in

A mattress’s core is the foundational layer. It provides the support that keeps the sleeper comfortable in different positions. The support layer can be composed of different kinds of foam, including PU, latex, and memory foam. In order for this layer to provide comfort, it must be high-density foam or a strong innerspring system. The core layer is also usually surrounded by edge protection, making it easier to move around the mattress.

Some premium mattresses have several layers, all held together by adhesives. While the glues used to stick together cotton and latex must resist moisture and prevent the fabric from separating, the quality of the adhesive is important. A good adhesive can last for years, depending on the care given to it. Even if the mattress is made of lower quality materials, the glue used should be of industrial grade. The more durable the material, the better the mattress is.


If you’re looking for a local recycling location, there are a few options. Search the database to find a facility in your area, and filter the results based on the price and whether they offer pick-up. The database is available through a hotline, as well. 

Some charities and animal shelters will take used mattresses. These organizations will reuse the mattresses in their shelters or resell them to raise funds for their work. Keep in mind that many national charities won’t accept mattresses because of local laws. Check with your local organization before donating. If they don’t accept mattresses, you can find an organization that does. This is usually your best bet if you’re looking to recycle a mattress in your local area.


There are a number of options for recycling your mattress. Many local recycling centers accept whole mattresses. Others contract with haulers and charge $30 per pickup plus recycling costs. Fortunately, some states have laws that make mattress recycling free or cost a minimal fee. In Connecticut, Rhode Island, and California, recycling is free or requires a minimal fee. Find out more about mattress recycling and how it benefits the environment. To recycle your mattress, contact the local waste management company or local charity to find out more about available options.

Municipal waste handlers absorb the costs of removing and recycling mattresses. Mattresses take up a lot of space in landfills and jam waste shredders. They can even fall on workers. Because waste companies want to avoid losing bids, they usually discard mattresses in landfills. Occasionally, online-only recycling companies such as Triad will take mattresses and recycle them. However, the cost of recycling your mattress can be significant.

Upcycling options

There are many upcycling options for your mattress. Most box springs come with plastic pieces stapled to the corners. These can be recycled or composted. You can also recycle the mattress’ innersprings by cutting them into smaller pieces. These parts can be reused for several home

projects, including pot holders and wine racks. You can also sell the box springs to recycle centers. There are also many other ways to reuse your mattress.

Another option for upcycling your mattress is to donate it. There are many local organizations that accept mattresses and can recycle them. If you have a mattress that is too large for donation, you can call 1-888-Trash-it and they can figure out the cost for you. They will recycle or donate the mattress for a nominal fee, but you may need to pay for the service yourself. If you’re considering upcycling, remember that it will likely cost you $100 to $150 to donate it.

Landfill problems

There are many different ways to recycle your old mattress. You can reuse the springs in your garden or turn the frame into wall art. If you’re not sure how to dispose of your old mattress, try searching for reused mattress ideas on Pinterest. But, before all, try to donate your mattress to charity. Once this option is discarded, then think of something else.  If you’re not sure where to take it, consider hiring a junk removal service. Not only will you avoid contributing to landfill problems, but you’ll save yourself the hassle of organizing and transporting it yourself.

Most of the mattresses we discard end up in landfills. This is because landfills are full and making new ones is a bad idea, because they further encroach on wildlife habitats and leave less space for other waste. Once in a landfill, mattresses pose several issues, including damage to expensive equipment and contaminating soil and groundwater. Some mattress materials are non-biodegradable, so reusing or recycling them isn’t always an option.


If you’re in the market for a new mattress, be sure to recycle your old one. By doing so, you’ll help keep harmful materials out of landfills and reduce environmental waste. Recycling your mattress is easy and can be done through many local and national recycling programs. 

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