How to Start an English Teaching Online Course

With the growth and development in science and technology, every professional sector has become digital and advanced. Similarly, our education system has evolved too. With a bucket full of benefits offered like better flexibility, convenience, comfort, cost-effectiveness, and working opportunities, online teaching platforms are the new preferences of educators.

English is a widely used language all across the world.  For academic, social, and professional growth, effective English speaking skills are the need of the hour. This is the reason why many online course creators plan to teach English online. With the right knowledge and experience, you can start your English online teaching course. However, a lot of their planning and working is also important. Let us discuss a complete set of steps that can be followed for how to start an English teaching course online.

Steps to start an English teaching online course

1. Deciding the teaching niche

After deciding to start an online English course, you have to think about what will be your teaching niche and whom you will be teaching. From elementary learners to higher learners to professionals, English is a language that is important for all in today’s time. Therefore deciding on a niche is important. A niche is a segment of the particular subject and field selected. Age groups, interests, time duration, and skill sets are some of the factors that help in deciding a niche. Key points to focus on here are

  • Who will be your target audience, which means to whom do you want to teach?
  • What area of English your course will cover, like how to speak English fluently, English writing, or only English grammar.
  • The niche being selected should be of your interest and passion so that you can give your best in it.

2. Select the teaching platform

The next step after deciding the niche is the teaching platform you will be using. For example, if you want to design a synchronous course, you have to select a platform or an educational app that will be used for conducting online live classes. Or if you want to build an asynchronous course, you have to make a platform from which students can access the course and the content and study at their own pace. In this step, building an online course website is very important. On your website, you can upload video lectures, assignments, and other forms of content for learners. Through the course website only, the potential customers will get to know about your course and enrollments will take place.

3. Curating the content

For how to create an online course, making the study content holds utmost significance. The more the effectiveness of online content, the higher the course sales. After selecting the niche and course mode, start working on the course content.  Video lectures and video presentations are very important forms of online course study material.

Plan how to record high-quality English videos for your course. Only share the relevant information with the learners to keep your study content specific and to the point. Make PDFs of new words, phrases, idioms, and their meanings to boost the English vocabulary knowledge of the learners. Include audiovisual elements like infographics, images, picture cards, quizzes, and more.

4. Determine the price

After creating the course content, the next step is to decide the price of your course. The right pricing is very important. Setting a very low price for your online course can devalue it and setting a very high price can make it out of the financial budget of the buyers. Determining the right price can be slightly challenging. To do so, check your competitors.

See at what price similar courses are being sold in the market. Give equal importance to the time and energy that you have invested in creating the course. By keeping a close on the market rate and giving value to your earning goal, you can set the right price for your English teaching online course. For how to sell courses online effectively, promote via social media,  influencer collaboration, and other marketing.


For how to start an English teaching online course, the right planning and right approach are important. By following the above-mentioned tips, one can create an effective English course for online learners. For expanding the course sales, go for social media optimization, promotion, and marketing.

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