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Travertine in the Garden

Are you looking for a upgrading or redesigning your garden? Do you want to create a beautiful, tranquil outdoor space in your home where you can rest and relax in the hot summer days underneath the shade of the tree leaves, surrounded by exquisite beauty? You definitely need a special kind of natural stone – travertine. Travertine tiles are full of holes on the surface but with a great decorative effect. Travertines mainly come in gray, white, beige, yellow, gold, gray, brown, coffee, light red, maroon and other colors. You can check Bianco Maremma – a wonderful example of soft beige. If you want to learn more about travertine for your garden, keep reading this article.  

This gorgeous stone will bring you an otherworldly sight in your own outdoor. It will give you the experience of romance – long forgotten and magical mesmerizing pleasures for the eyes.

Compared with travertine in other countries and regions, Italian travertine by Saturnia Travertini  features high-quality, durable stone slabs with gorgeous surface textures in different shades, colors and patterns. Travertine is known for its dazzling patterns. When the sun shines, it gives a gentle, pleasant feeling of warmth. It is very suitable for grounding and wall decoration. Check out Saturnia Travertini for high-quality travertine in different shades and colors. 

Besides, travertine is easy to process, hard to get discolored, easy to clean and has a competitive price. For instance, beige travertine tiles are  suitable for large-scale applications such as outdoor pool decks, gardens, squares, etc. In addition, travertine is recommended for any rustic exterior due to its antique effect and obvious class.

Stone Waterfall in the Garden

Using travertine tiles creates a natural charm to the decorative waterfall in the garden. Travertine combined with water creates a wonderful picturesque view for the eyes. The water will dance over the gorgeous patterns of travertine. When green vegetation is added, the waterfall takes on a finished look.

Lake in the Garden

The lake in the garden can be combined with a waterfall and stream and surrounded by travertine tiles. Such ponds can even grow fish if there is constant running water. To make the lake even more beautiful, you can plant aquatic plants – lily, water clover, etc. to create an additional color accent.

A River or Stream

The charm of a mountain stream can also come to life in your garden if you build a garden river with travertine stone tiles as pavers around it. Use large round river stones or pieces of unshaped gneiss for the river bed. In this case, the presence of greenery around is mandatory in the combination of flowers and evergreen trees and shrubs. It is preferable to plant non-deciduous plants around the reservoirs, so they do not pollute the water.

Stone Fountain

The stone fountain is a classic for the Mediterranean-style house, and a mandatory attribute found not only in courtyards but also on streets and squares. The garden fountain can be built entirely with travertine, or it can only be lined on the outside with natural stone – polygonal slabs, for example. Check the shade of Bianco Maremma – it is warm, beautiful, and perfectly suitable for a fountain.

Stone Hearth

The hearth is where the home gathers – a center for relaxation and conversation. Such a travertine stone hearth can be built, not only inside the house but in the yard as well, where the family spends most of its time in good weather.

Bars and Stone Furniture

If we want our summer bar to be preserved for a longer time although exposed to external atmospheric influences, the best solution is to decorate it with travertine. In addition to being beautiful for our garden, outdoor kitchens and furniture made of travertine will also have uniqueness, that only travertine can give.

Travertine  Barbecue 

The stone barbecue in the garden has already established itself as a classic for homes in Europe and in the rest of the world. Usually, it is combined with summer sheds and bars, designed as corners for welcoming guests and relaxing. Nothing can replace the romance of a fire in a burning outdoor fireplace made of travertine. For the construction of such a barbecue, it is good to use the services of an experienced craftsman or to consult before its construction because it depends on how the barbeque will work later – whether the fire will have enough thrust to burn well and not smoke.

Travertine Stone Curbs and Paving

Travertine pavers are a great addition to the garden landscape when other stone features are built in. For this purpose, you can use large travertine slabs and give your pavement an irresistible impression. Between the tiles, depending on the preference, you can leave space for grass joints or fill the joints with cement mortar. Check out Saturnia Travertini for high-quality travertine solutions. 

Stone retaining walls 

Retaining walls made of travertine can become a beautiful garden terracing. Such retaining walls also play a drainage function, as they do not allow groundwater to retain. If the stone tiles are dry, you can plant appropriate plants between the slabs,  which bring additional beauty to the landscape. 

To Sum it Up… 

Travertine is perfectly suitable for countless garden solutions. Utilize high-quality travertine by Saturnia Travertini to ensure the timelessness of your stone garden. You will enjoy unique beauty for decades to come. 

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