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Travertine in the Living Room

Travertine was known to the ancient Romans. Today it is used mainly in elegant interior arrangements in various styles. It owes its popularity not only to its remarkable, porous appearance. Travertine is also valuable for its lightness, good thermal conductivity, ease of care, and exceptional durability. At Saturnia Travertini, you will find excellent quality travertine tiles suitable for your home interior. If you want to learn fresh new ideas on how you can make your home timeless and beautiful with this stone, keep reading this article.

What is worth knowing about the properties of this natural stone, and how can you use it in your living room interior?

What Are the Properties of Travertine?

Travertine’s structure very porous, which makes the stone lighter than, for example, marble. The stone is very durable and resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Because of its neutral color palette, travertine is also a timeless, perfectly matching interior, decorated in different styles (classic, modern, minimalist). Another advantage of travertine is its good thermal conductivity. You can use it for floors with underfloor heating.

How Does Travertine Look?

Travertine is a material with many holes formed during rock formation. It is popular material for tiles, countertops, and decorative elements with pores ( unfilled or filled). If it comes without holes,  with resin or professional screed of natural stone.

What Color Is Travertine?

Depending on where the rock was excavated the stone can vary in color from creamy and light beige, to yellow and brown, to orange. Natural travertine tiles may differ slightly in shade and pattern, even if they come from the same batch.

Travertine as Home Interior Decor

Since ancient times our ancestors have used travertine for both home interior and exterior. Today you can see travertine examples of wall cladding exterior for buildings and huge beautiful hallways made of travertine. But what about the living room? Is travertine suitable for the living room where you have higher traffic? Absolutely. Travertine is one of the best choices for living room interior decor solutions because the material creates a natural, warm, cozy atmosphere without the need of additional elements. You can utilize the stone for flooring in your living room or wall cladding and utilize it around the fire place.

Travertine Living Room Ideas

You are probably wondering if there is another stone like travertine. The truth is that there isn’t. This unique stone doesn’t have a replica. There’s no fake travertine that  can imitate the gorgeous porous structure or the shades and the veins of this stone. You will always know the difference between real travertine and anything that tries to replicate it. Travertine is ‘designed’ by nature itself over millions of years. That is what makes this beautiful stone so unique. You can get it only from a few places on Earth, and one of them is Tivoli, Italy, which is why the stone caries the name of the region. Saturnia Travertini offers excellent quality travertine tiles. This stone has no equal. 

A Living Room Flooring Made of Travertine 

Often compared to marble, travertine is a sedimentary rock, which is primarily distinguished with its cream, ivory beige tones, which create a subtle, cozy atmosphere. When those who know travertine hear the name, they immediately think of the romans and the Mediterranean home design. 

Travertine is often used in interior design. Besides creating countertops, bathroom floors and wall cladding, the stone is an ideal interior decoration solution for living rooms and hallways, able to endure high traffic. The stone can absorb humidity but if it is properly sealed that shouldn’t be a problem for home owners. 

Not many floor materials can create a sophisticated, aristocratic and yet classic rustic atmosphere. Travertine tiles will add all of this aesthetic and make your interior luxurious yet cozy when used as flooring. 

You can choose from different shades from creamy, ivory, beige to gorgeous gray. Depending on the lighting and the size of your room, you can also choose different tile sizes from small to large, square or rectangular. Keep in mind that square travertine tiles are more popular and easier to work with. 

Transitional Travertine Tiles

It has become more and more popular to have travertine flooring in the living room, which blends with the exterior pavement. Making this seamless transition would give your room a more spacious and spectacular look and create a soft blending between the exterior and the interior, connecting your home with the natural environment outside. When choosing the tiles for your living room flooring, it is best to have them similar to what you already have outdoors, or if you are redoing the interior and the exterior at the same time, you can consider this idea. That is one of the top trends of 2022 in home interior design, and it will likely be here to stay.

Interior Travertine Wall Cladding and a Fire Place

That has always been a classic. Many designers think of wall cladding in the interior when they hear travertine. It gives the room a much more sophisticated and classy look. Imagine walking into an ancient building in Italy. That’s what walking into a wall-cladding interior made of travertine would feel like. Add a fireplace to that tran quil atmosphere, and you will witness the magic. There are many different shades of travertine tiles to choose from, when it comes to interior wall cladding, but we suggest the beige one if your space allows it and if it would match the rest of your interior.

In Conclusion… 

However you choose to go with travertine in your home interior, you can rest assured that this stone will create an unbelievable enchanting atmosphere. It is a part of the characteristics of this gorgeous stone. At Saturnia Travertini, you will find different shades, tile shapes, and finishes to choose from for your home interior.

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