Trust in Medical Hospitals and Korean Health Screening?

A recent study has revealed that trust is a crucial factor in determining patient compliance with physicians’ recommendations, including cancer screening. While trust in medical hospitals may not influence Korean health screening for cancer, the mistrust of clinics may send thousands of people to large general hospitals. This may also explain why the five largest general hospitals in Seoul saw an increase in their clientele. Although the study has several limitations, it offers an important starting point for larger-scale quantitative surveys and cancer screening programs.

While most health screening services in Korea are expensive, many procedures can be done for a low cost. The government has even made annual medical examinations mandatory, so you can get a comprehensive health checkup for free. The government has also encouraged hospitals and medical centers to hire only the best and most passionate doctors and nurses to ensure the highest level of care. This can only be beneficial for your health. This article will discuss the health care system in Korea and how you can make the most of it.

The Pap test is an example. Its sensitivity is only about 51 percent and its specificity is 66.6%, which means it can be false-positive in young women. Furthermore, it does not always identify cancer. Because of this, many Koreans do not trust this test. In addition, it is difficult to find a Pap test with high sensitivity and specificity. So, medical screening in Korea needs to be improved.

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