Turn Your Regular Clothes Into Maternity Fashion: A Few Creative Ways

When you are pregnant, your closet is likely full of unwearable maternity clothes. If you’re creative, you can use regular garments you already own and buy larger-sized ones. You can also borrow clothing from your partner or use one of your partner’s old clothes. Here are some ideas: Densipaper

Using An Old T-Shirt As A Belly Band

You can make a belly band out of a T-shirt by simply sewing it onto the belly. This is a good option for women who don’t want to spend money on a belly band. A belly band is a wide stretchable tube of fabric that hugs the tummy. It helps cover the growing belly and can be used to make non-maternity pants longer and more comfortable. These belly bands can also double as a belt for maternity pants. During pregnancy, you may have to wear maternity pants, so a belly band can be an excellent option for covering your growing belly.

Turning Your Regular Jeans Into Maternity Fashion

If you have a pair of skinny jeans that don’t fit your growing belly, you may want to turn them into maternity jeans. Here are some easy steps to turn your regular jeans into maternity jeans. Once you’ve got the basic measurements, it’s time to find the fitting elastic and sew it into place. Be sure to use double-needle stitches or zigzag stitching. The elastic will snap or pull if you don’t have the right type.

  • First, you’ll need a pair of jeans that is wide enough to fit your belly. This way, you won’t sacrifice your comfort while wearing the jeans. If you’re worried about the fit, you can always have them tailor-made. If you’re too busy to sew your maternity jeans, you can ask a tailor to add a tummy panel. You can also add an elastic waistband to your jeans and make them stretchier.  magazines2day
  • Once you have the perfect fit, you can sew the pockets. Remember to sew the inside edges of the pockets together. This may cause the jeans to look a little pokey, but it will help you get the right fit. Before you sew the pockets, you should consider how much you expect and how much room you need for growth.

Using An Old Maxi Skirt As An Empire-Waist Dress

Adding an empire waist, you can make a new dress from an old maxi skirt. The bodice of an empire-waist dress is fitted, while the loosely-gathered skirt keeps the midsection comfortable. Make sure the dress suits your size so you can grow as your baby grows. You can even borrow your partner’s old maxi skirt to make your maternity dress. lifestylemission

Once you’ve gathered all the materials you need, you can cut the maxi skirt into an empire-waist dress. For maternity fashion, you can choose a wide-leg maxi skirt with a crinkle-pleated hemline. This style will be flattering and will accommodate your growing bump. It’s also easy to customize the design with different colors and prints, and the crinkle-pleated midi skirt will be the perfect length to fit your growing bump.

You can also use your long casual dresses for women as a quick wearable gown at home. These dresses are usually loose and would comfort your belly.

Borrowing From Your Partner

By the second trimester, you will probably need some maternity clothes to dress in. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money by turning your regular clothes into maternity fashion. Some ideas include turning an old T-shirt into a belly band or using an elastic hair tie to make an empire-waist skirt. You can also repurpose old dresses and maxi skirts into maternity tunics. If you have a partner who wears regular-size clothes, you can borrow her pajamas and turn them into maternity-friendly maternity fashion.

Another great way to save money is to borrow from your partner. If your partner has some maternity clothes left over, ask if she would mind passing them along. Most women are happy to give their old maternity clothes to another pregnant woman. You can also swap or share maternity clothes. Hand-me-downs are also an excellent option for borrowing maternity clothing. These clothes will help you look stylish while saving money.  getliker

Upcycling Old Sweaters

You don’t have to throw away your old sweaters to make great maternity fashion items. You can make pet beds and gloves out of them. You can find instructions here. If you’re not ready to start a new trend, you can buy a couple of old sweaters at thrift stores and turn them into maternity accessories. These pieces of clothing can be worn for years to come. After all, they’re also a great way to help the environment and reduce landfill.

Upcycling old sweaters into maternity clothing is a great way to use your unwanted pieces without breaking the bank. Before converting your old sweaters, make sure they fit loosely. If they’re too tight, consider making them top-button or button-down sweaters. These items will cause adorable maternity wear! Just keep in mind that you should make sure the material is still loose and stretchy.  ventsmagazine


Maternity clothes often look like maternity, but you can style them like regular clothes. Creative wardrobe styling makes the most of what’s already in your closet. You can use older sweaters or borrow your partner’s clothes. You can also wear new clothes in a bigger size to create a new, unique look. It’s a great way to recycle your old wardrobe and make it work even better for your growing body!

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