Understanding the Effects of Z Farm Strain Magic Mushroom

Z Farm strain is known for its above-average potency. It creates a gorgeous visual and intense body-high effects that beginners and regular users will love.

This mushroom is often associated with the popular Psilocybe cubensis, Golden Teacher. They share a similar physical appearance, but Z Cube looks smaller compared side-by-side.

However, when it comes to potency and effects, the strain provides an unparalleled experience. As a result, people must examine the mushroom quantity before consuming it.

History of Z-Strain

As mentioned, Z farm mushroom is missing a bit of its history. The shroom was created in the 90s and sold by the company Spore Trading Post. Some theories about the origin of this strain also appear to be circulating on the internet.

People suggest it was a mislabeled genetic strain or a result of genetic isolation from Golden Teacher cubensis. But despite the multiple historical versions, we cannot deny that this mushroom is one of the best existing P. cubensis.

We are sure that the Z strain is a member of the Psilocybe cubensis family. They readily contain the active ingredients psilocin and psilocybin. In addition, it is an invention through human cultivation instead of naturally occurring in the environment.


You need to know the appearance of mushrooms, mainly if you are interested in cultivating or hunting them. Some shrooms do look alike, and they even resemble poisonous fungus. Therefore, paying close attention to their distinct qualities can help differentiate one from another.

Z strain mushrooms have one similarity with another P. cubensis. Their caps look like Golden Teachers, which is a golden brown hue. But that’s where the similarities of these mushrooms begin and end.

This strain is medium in size, with a wrinkly white and thick stalk that gets wider at the bottom. There are also bluish bruises on the stem, a sign of the mushroom’s increased potency and psilocybin level.

Potency and Effects

All magic mushrooms contain the active ingredients to cause hallucinations and other changes in the body. But these substances will only take place depending on the amount, user’s experience, and sensitivity to psilocybin. Hence, watching out for the mushrooms’ capability or potency is crucial.

When well-cultivated, Z strain mushrooms’ effects are potent and can produce profound trips when users ingest them in large quantities. But, factors like the set and setting preparation, mode of ingestion, usage history, etc., can contribute to the psychedelic trip.

The psychedelic effect of this shroom can take as fast as 30 minutes to one hour. However, the onset time can vary depending on multiple factors. It’s often a person-to-person experience, so you can ensure you get a good trip.

If you have prepared yourself to consume the mushroom, you’ll get a feeling of euphoria, interconnectedness, visual hallucinations, altered perception, blur lines between reality and illusion, etc. The effects will vary depending on the dosage you take.

However, if you jump into eating your mushroom without conditioning your mind, you can have challenging and intense psychological trips. Some people will experience nausea, anxiety, and many uncomfortable feelings.

It is essential to stress that one must prepare themselves before embarking on a trip. Whether it is your first time or nth time taking mushrooms, preparation will always help you enjoy your experience.


Aside from preparation (set and setting), psychedelic trips also depend on the dose of the mushroom. Since Z mushroom species are moderately potent, it can be a choice that is best for any shroom user.

A dosage guide exists to help users, particularly beginners, so they’ll know how to start their intake. But the amount of shrooms often depends on your sensitivity to psilocybin, weight, preference, and mode of ingestion.

  • Microdose (0.1 to 0.5 grams): The dose is too low to produce psychological or physical changes. Instead, it heightens the mood by boosting creativity and concentration.
  • Low dose (0.5 to 2 grams): Effects are mild. They create a soothing experience. There are visual changes, but they are subtle.
  • Moderate dose (2 to 3.5 grams): It ranges from relaxing to recreational effects like vivid hallucinations, auditory changes, etc.
  • High dose (3.5 to 5 grams ): If you are a risk-taker, you can venture into this spiritual and life-changing psychedelic experience. Sometimes, regular users go beyond 5 grams.

When you choose the dose of your Z-strain, make sure to begin at the lowest amount. Then, you can increase your intake when you don’t see results after an hour or two.

Growing Z-strain

You can either buy dried mushrooms or cultivate them. Buying dried mushrooms offers the advantage of being convenient. Meanwhile, growing Z strain mushrooms give you plenty of cubensis to stock.

They are laboratory-bred species, unlike other P. cubensis that grow in the wild. Therefore, it makes it easy for cultivators as they are resistant to contaminations.

When growing these mushrooms, you still need to consider some factors. For example, the strain produces best at a subtropical temperature (75°F or 24°C). In addition, you don’t need a specific medium to grow the mushroom since it enjoys gaining nutrients from the soil, compost, straw, dung, etc.

Why Try Z-strain Cubensis?

There is always a misconception and misunderstanding about psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms. People often tend to assume that it only produces adverse and addicting effects.

However, in reality, shrooms have therapeutic effects. Recent studies show what psychedelic drugs can do to our bodies when regulated. Here are some benefits one can get with mushrooms.

  • Treat the symptoms of PTSD, ADHD, depression, and anxiety
  • Help in eliminating headaches and migraine
  • Combats nausea
  • Improves appetite
  • Relieves mild chronic pain

If you don’t have any of the issues above, you can use magic mushrooms for recreational use. It will help lighten the mood and improve the overall well-being after intake.

Where to Buy a Z-strain Magic Mushroom?

Before you purchase a magic mushroom, it is essential to take precautions since it is illegal to buy, sell, and use this drug. It is only allowed when a prescription is available.

However, despite its implications, there are still individuals who sell and buy them discreetly. You can do so by purchasing from a friend or online. In addition, legitimate websites with good reviews provide quality Z-farm mushrooms.

Zoomies Canada is where you can have dozens of mushroom species, laboratory-tested edibles, and healthy capsules of a microdose. They deliver within selected areas in Canada.


Z-farm strain is a mushroom well-loved by regular users due to its incredibly high potency. The visual hallucinations, spiritual encounters, and euphoric results make them worth a try. Even beginners can have fun with this strain when ingested in low doses for a relaxing and creative experience.

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