Where to Find the Latest Technology News

If you’re not a tech whiz, you may want to start reading about the latest developments in the field on social media. Some of the most popular tech news outlets are Twitter, Hacker News, and Windows. If you’re into web technologies, you can also check out W3Techs, a website devoted to web technologies. W3Techs has extensive, reliable surveys about web technologies and is a great source for web technology news.

Social networking site Facebook, which was previously only available to those who could pay for ads, has become a useful tool for deaf people. The company generated $32 billion in ad revenue last year and is now used by more than 2 billion users. In other news, researchers at the University of Washington have developed a box to decontaminate N95 respirator masks. Other tech news from the University of Washington includes the announcement that home 3D printers are making their way into the mainstream.

Another great source for tech news is TechCrunch. It covers everything from mergers and acquisitions to groundbreaking technology. They also feature podcasts. Gizmodo is another top-rated site that features nerdy news, and it’s packed with great videos and articles. Gizmodo is also a top site for tech news. It covers gadgets in depth, and does excellent product reviews.

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