How to respond to reviews?

Customer feedback is a very important part of a business. Positive reviews help retain existing and attract new customers, as well as increase brand awareness. Negative feedback (or feedback with suggestions) helps improve the service and lets customers know that you care about their opinion. More than half of buyers make the final purchase decision after reading reviews about a product, service or company.

The main points that relate to the correct response to positive and negative reviews: Don’t create fake reviews that you will then respond to yourself. And even more so, do not trust this work to freelance specialists who do not know anything about your company and product. This would be considered the wrong step in a digital marketing strategy. Firstly, such reviews are immediately visible (no matter how hard the copywriter tries). Secondly, if the client is led by a fake story, and then does not receive the expected, then he will write a real negative review. They will also accuse you of ordering paid reviews. Third, it’s just not fair to other customers.

Try not to use templates in your answers and read books about project management. Of course, it all depends on whether there is time and opportunity to respond to reviews (there can be a lot of them). But you must admit, if in one thread of reviews for each there is one answer: “Thank you for your review, have a nice day!”, You may get the impression that the robot answers.

Make it a rule to respond to reviews as quickly as possible. Again, it depends on the workload. If time is short, then you need to respond to the most important requests first. For example, when a client needs help with solving a problem and thereby closing the negative. Agree, if the review was written in the summer, and you answer in the winter, then, most likely, the author of the review has long forgotten about you and the appeal is no longer relevant.

Designate a reviewer. Too many reviews and you have the opportunity to hire an employee, don’t forget about WordPress Developer Salary. At the same time, it is important that he is aware of the work of the company and knows everything about the goods. A remote freelancer who has never seen your product is unlikely to cope with this task. Delegate to a PR agency. If you have a large business and new reviews about space for almost 5 minutes, then it is better to outsource work with the image and reviews to professionals.

Sometimes you can use creativity, humor, and task management tools. Where it is appropriate. Creative testimonials and humorous responses are memorable and go viral, helping you reach new customers. The main thing is not to go too far.

Some entrepreneurs believe that it is not necessary to respond to positive reviews, since the client has already made a purchase, and the review will not bring new money. This is a mistake. Competent responses to positive reviews can make one-time customers permanent, as well as attract new ones. Thank the customer for the positive feedback with their name. This is especially true when starting a new small business. Offer to visit your establishment again or make a purchase. Show that you enjoy customer feedback. Add the details provided in the feedback to your answer. So you make it clear that the answer is written by a real employee of the company. For example – a client writes a review about a specific employee. The company representative, in turn, mentions this employee in the response message.

There are 3 types of negative reviews:

  • the client is dissatisfied, and he is right;
  • the client is dissatisfied, and he is wrong;
  • fake review. Trolls write, or competitors order black PR for you. 

Let’s look at how to respond to each of the three types of negative feedback, so to speak, always using scheduling software for task management . The first thing to learn is to try to respond politely and with restraint to any bullying. Don’t take any negativity personally, especially if it’s directed at the company and not you as an employee. Try to look at the negative situation through the eyes of the client.

Final Thoughts

Working with reviews is just as important as working on product quality and service improvement. A couple of negative mentions that you didn’t respond to in time can greatly “tarnish your reputation” and disperse throughout the network. Positive reviews can be used to build loyalty, promote promotions, and advertise special offers.

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