The Benefits To Businesses Of Saving Energy

Saving energy is an easy and simple way for businesses of any and all sizes to cut back on costs, whilst also boosting their reputation as an organization that cares about the environment. This is something that customers, clients, investors, and any other stakeholders respond well to.

Climate change, whether it is something that a company believes or not, is currently high up on the political agenda, and governments all around the world are introducing regulations and initiatives in order to combat it. Therefore, the sooner that businesses begin to prepare and change for these things the better.

However, being compliant with government rules and regulations to tackle climate change is not the only reason why businesses should strive to save energy. There are actually many other benefits to doing so, some of which will be discussed below in more detail.

Energy saving within office spaces

The problem with many businesses in the UK is that all too often their employees leave machinery and equipment on standby when they are not in use. In fact, if a business were to ensure that all electrical equipment was switched off at the end of the day, rather than being left on standby, it could reduce its energy costs by as much as 20 percent. For most businesses, a reduction in costs like this equates to a 5 percent increase in sales.

By encouraging employees to get into the habit of ensuring that all of the electrical equipment in the office is switched off, it can save a business around £6,000 per year. This is why it is important for all employees to be encouraged to partake in this behavior.

Hotspot for energy waste 

As is clear, doing something as simple as switching electrical equipment off at the end of the day so that it is not left on all night and all weekend can have a real impact for businesses aiming to save energy. It is estimated that as much as one fifth of the total cost of a businesses energy bills (those ones based in offices that is) are made up by the running of office type equipment – printers, computers etc. If the space is air conditioned, then this too can have a serious impact on energy bills. When these things are not in use, it is important that they are all switched off. However, it can be difficult to remember to turn the air conditioning off during the hot summer months. Do not worry though as the Utility Bidder website has a list of effective ways that a business can save energy in the summer.

It is estimated that around 30 percent of all energy consumed by businesses in the UK is actually wasted. Heating buildings is something else that really does use up a lot of energy. If businesses just turned down the temperature in their offices and other buildings by a single degree, it could save them about 8 percent each year on their energy bills.

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