World Athletics Championships 2022

The first-ever World Athletics Championships in America will take place in Oregon throughout the period from 15th July to 24th July. It is a great honor for Oregon not having any experience in organizing such grandiose events to host top ranked athletes from all around the globe in the Hayward Field of the University of Oregon.

History of the event

World Athletics Championships were firstly held after International Olympic Committee’s removal of men’s fifty km walking discipline in 1976 as retaliation on behalf of sportsmen who were preparing themselves for this particular competition. Therefore, the International Association of Athletics Federations decided to create an independent worldwide athletics tournament, which continued to grow in popularity in the course of time thanks to the increase of potential competitors. Today this tournament is known as World Athletics Championship and owns the same prestige as the Olympic Games.

Predictions on the contest

Samuel Onikeku, Athletics Federation of Nigeria technical director takes a positive stand concerning Nigerian athletes who has been showing excellent results during numerous competitions. Countrymen of these promising athletes may also support them on the match and place in-play bet in Nigeria.

Speaking about the candidates from the host country, things are not actually going good for them. American up-and-coming athletic star Fred Kerley got a reportedly “slight” injury on the 100 meters podium. However, his manager announced that his trauma was serious enough not to participate in Oregon2022. Similarly, Britain’s athletic national team forfeited the world’s favorite Max Burgin, whilst Poland lost its bronze medalist Patryk Dobek due to critical injuries as well.

The absence of above-mentioned menacing rivals leaves more chances to win to their competitors. To exemplify, Emmanuel Korir and Wyclife Kinyamal from Kenya or Marco Arop from Canada are forecasted to gain tournament’s medals. Nevertheless, we should not underestimate their abilities since they also performed outstandingly in their previous races.

The forthcoming championship will also show a spectacular rivalry among women; Dalilah Muhammad aims to pay back to Sydney McLaughlin who beat her 400 meters record.  Stay tunes not to miss such an impressive contestation!

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